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Adventure Wheel : Rewards

Art Directing, UI/UXDesign, Story Board, Mockup/Prototype animation, Marketing Design



MyVegas is a pair of apps for Facebook, iPhone, and Android where you play blackjack or the slot machines with virtual cash and earn real rewards, like meals and show tickets, at some of Las Vegas' biggest hotels and resorts. The more you play and the bigger you bet, the more "loyalty points" you earn. You get bonuses on the virtual chips and loyalty for every day you play.

App store IOS :

App store Android :

The Bonus Wheel is one of our popular reward, therefore our team decided to make an "add-ons" Bonus Wheel features inside one of our bonus game call "Adventure Quest", so it will provide more motivation to push players towards completion.

Adventure quest.png

- Adventure Quest inside MyVegas Slots game. Some artworks are done by the team


I was in charge for a whole visual concept of this feature including wireframes and user flow with the team. Not only I collaborated with a game designer, product manager and producer, but also worked very closely with technical artists, effect artists and engineers so the feature will be delivered in a pixel-perfect conditionThe highlights include early stage prototyping, establishing a go-to guide for developers with wireframes, encompassing the entire quest on both iOS and Android, and finally working with multiple departments to bring the entire vision of the product together.



Designed wireframe and user flow with the team as shown in the design process.

Design Process

User Flow


Design Phase 1

When I designed the wheel, first thing came to my mind was sparkly neon wheel in Las Vegas casino.

Wheel wip play sketch
Wheel wip

Design Phase 2

Although I was happy with the direction I made, I agreed after a few team meetings that we have so many neon casino looking wheel inside our game, or many other game from our competitors, but this wheel is inside a game call "Adventure quest" it should feel more like adventure not a normal casino. So I tried to make the whole wheel like a compass, and using a parchment paper for a information space.

Wheel play area wip
Wheel wip info box


Prototype Animation

Based on a storyboard, I made storyboard animation with some VFX for stakeholders and our team for presentation. It will help them understand how it should move, and what kind of VFX I am looking for.

Storyboard Animatic with VFX

Storyboard Animatic with VFX

Play Video

Program : Flash


Created quality visual content including color, icons, typography and prototype animation for vfx and engineers team. Led technical artist, effect artist and engineers to ensure alignment and delivered visual assets and a style guide for implementation.

Final Design


When the team plan to made this wheel feature, we plan this to be customizable so later the team can change colors to match a theme of the game or event we were trying to promote when we want to. Here's a few examples. (Some artworks are provided by the team) 


After wrapping up the project, send export artworks to TA and VFX artists, I moved on to creating a pop-up windows to promote this features while engineers are implementing. These are some artwork i made to promote rewards including adventure wheel shown above.

Program : Illustrator, Photoshop

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