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Huff and Puff : A Tiny Human's Guide to Mindful Breathing

A children book written by Victoria M Rammel. 

Illustrated by me.


An author Victoria Rammel, previously wrote a book called "Bipolar Bear". The book is about the importance of taking care of our mental health as well as talking about it with our loved ones.

This book was is about to help kids (and parents) take a deep breath.

Huff and Puff_page3

One thing that the author asked me was, it was really important for her to include kids with limb differences to help normalize it.

It was definitely a big challenge for me because I didn't know anything about it. So i had to educate myself, and the author helped me a lot throughout the whole journey. At the end, the author loved the book and she told me her kids love it too and it really helps calm them down when they’re feeling elevated...which really means a lot to me.

If you want to check out the author and the book, please check following link.

Author :  Victoria M Remmel

Schiffer Publishing : Schiffer Books

Amazon :

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