MyVegas is a pair of apps for Facebook, iPhone, and Android where you play blackjack or the slot machines with virtual cash - and earn real rewards, like meals and show tickets, at some of Las Vegas' biggest hotels and resorts.The more you play, and the bigger you bet, the more "loyalty points" you earn. You get bonuses on the virtual chips and loyalty for every consecutive day that you play.

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Sprint Jackpot review feedback

-Balloons need to come out of squaredel

-Balloons need to float away when the popping is over - currently they appear to just disappear

  • Balloons stay on screen to be popped and need to be larger - less dense

  • If the player does not pop the balloons, they need to begin to pop eventually

  • Need a call to action - Pop Balloons and grab your prize

  • Popped balloons need to be more clearly exploding chips - some balloons should not have chips (confetti)

-Celebrations need to be slower pace and bigger/grander.

Iteration # 3 with comments from Skippy:
- message that says 'get poppin'
 ```We need some sort of anticipation moment, or call-to-action moment before the player starts popping the balloons. This allows the user to recognize that something new has been triggered, and they need to get ready to do something. In this case, a simple message (with the same branded, balloon-looking font) should be enough to communicate that. Some messaging like:  "3, 2, 1, Pop 5 Balloons!" would help communicate that better. (See the videos I attached from Infinity Slots)```

- Need to prompt players to pick a number of balloons
```Players will be prompted to pick a specific number of balloons, instead of a Picker Frenzy kind of experience. The user will be informed to Pop X balloons (X is a configurable number specified by Live Ops) the number of Picks to make, as well as the number of picks remaining, need to be seen on the screen. So for example, after the countdown, the user is told "Pop 5 Balloons!" and after 2 pops a counter, or some other feedback mechanism, should tell the user "You have 3 pops left" or "Pop 3 more." This could be a literal number, or some other visual treatment (ex. a meter, or progress bar, or checklist, etc.) This also leaves open the opportunity for us (in the future) to put things like "2 more pops!" in other balloons as alternate prizes```

- Popped balloons need to show value
```Players need to see the value of chips earned with each balloon pop. When a balloon is picked, a text string with a chip value should be shown along with the chip explosion effect. These values will be totaled up after the user has made their number of picks.``` 

- balloons that are not picked float away if players don't pick balloons in allocated time
```The balloons that the user does not chose to pop, float off the top of the screen after the user has made all their choices. Un-Popped Balloons do not show any sort of 'alternate' or 'possible' other prizes, and instead just float away off the screen. After all the balloons have left the screen, the final prize total should be shown and rolled up.```

-When a lite event challenge is met balloons shoot out of the squaredel and fill up the screen in its entirety(bouncing/floating)

  • Players are prompted to pop the balloons:

  • Copy: Pop the balloons to find your chips!

  • Balloons pop as players tap them

  • As they pop, chips explode

  • If a player does not pop the balloons they begin bursting after a few moments

  • Balloons float away

  • Sum of popped balloons is the predetermined prize
    Same explosion and doober
    Documentation on how to target & make this live 
    Integrated into the Counter Event Config builder too



Design Process

User Flow



Phase 1


Final Design




- Daily bonus wheel. First thing you see when you open the game.

Artworks are done by the team

One of the biggest in-game event/bonus game (sometime we call it quest) that encourages our user to play more and increase our revenue is a Bonus Wheel. The Bonus wheels are a special reward that's enhances the overall user experience and encourages greater progression and our game runs 5x, 7x, 10x, 20x Purchase Bonus Wheel event time to time.

Since the wheel is one of our popular reward, our team decided to make an "add-ons" Bonus Wheel features inside one of our bonus game call "Adventure Quest", so it will provide more motivation to push players towards completion. The Bonus Wheel will be introduce at the end of each stage inside Adventure Quest that has 10 stages, and it will encourage players to progress farther and an increase their overall engagement.

5x, 7x, 10x, 20x Purchase Bonus Wheel.

I made color adjustment and add highlights over 3D assets

provided by CG team.

5x Wheel
5x Wheel
press to zoom
7x Wheel
7x Wheel
press to zoom
10x Wheel
10x Wheel
press to zoom
20x Wheel
20x Wheel
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