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Pettington Park game

Prototype Animations / Character Animations / VFX / Game Art



Loot Drop was a social game studio that was created by John Romero, best known as a co-founder of id Software and game designer for many of their games like Doom, Doom II and Quake, with a veteran Game Designer Tom Hall. 

After creating the mega hit social game, Ravenwood Fair, John Romero co-found Loot Drop and begin making social games. Several companies were interested in signing a game development including RockYou, Ubisoft, and Zynga.

Pettington Park is a Google+ exclusive game created for Zynga by Loot Drop.



Because when we first started, until the game was half done, I was the only artist other than lead artist and only animator for this game, I get to work on many things including prototype, effect / character animation, game arts, character design and UI / Visual Design.

Game Arts (Vector)

Program : Adobe Illustrator

Game Animations



Play Video

Program : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate (Flash)

Prototype Animation

These are prototype animations I made when our team needs to show Zynga about our game. I was made before we had a style guide and while we were developing our character design therefore it looks different if you compare to final artworks inside the game.

It shows our two characters on different stage ; idle, action, play, power up mode.